A long-forgotten and discarded tenet;

‘‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’’

(First clause of the Constitution of the World Health Organization, 1946)

We are here to vitalize this tenet and to ensure an extended health span through our Salutogenic™ route. Inspired by Convergence Science and backed by a transdisciplinary team, we are vanguards with our digital holistic health and intervention platforms.

Our core belıef & approach


Salutogenics™ is an approach to health that focuses on complete prevention of and protection from disease or illness, rather than focusing on remedying said disease. 

Well-being is a holistic, interconnected experience that spans one’s body and mind. Regular physical exercise is not only beneficial for building and restoring muscle strength, but it also nourishes the brain through the central nervous system, fostering improvements in brain connectivity and neuroplasticity. This, in turn, leads to more robust mental well-being. On the flip side, having a good mental state stimulates one towards engaging in physical activities, which results in a positive feedback loop for overall well-being.

Brain Capital 

The sine qua non of brain capital is “Brain Health”. Brain health is the state of optimal brain function in cognitive, sensory, social-emotional, behavioral, and motor-psychomotor domains, that enables individuals to realize their full potential throughout life. Recent research and studies in neurology and neuroscience have yielded promising results in the areas of neurogenesis; the formation of new neurons in the brain, and neuroplasticity; the brain’s ability to undergo structural or physiological changes. The brain is an organ that, just like muscles, needs specific “exercises” and “training” to develop and stay healthy.

What We Believe 

Technologies and methods should be developed that integrate workforce development and training in neurology, mental health, and neuroscience. Neurology, mental health, and neuroscience should be used not only to treat existing brain diseases or to solve brain diseases like dementia, mental disorders, and psychological disorders but also to help humans evolve into superhumans. Looking at the education and development of new generations from a Brain Capital perspective and optimizing brain health has positive social and economic impacts. All these contribute to greater prosperity and help society move forward. The capital of companies in the near future should consist of brain-based innovations, which should now be linked to new economic models.


Tarcan Kiper

Tarcan Kiper

Founder & CEO

30+ Years working with 3D Simulations and Virtual Reality Applications in the Aerospace, Defense, and Transportation industries.

Kerem Özçakıl

Kerem Özçakıl

Founder & COO

20+ Years – Sales, Marketing, Business Development – Telecomms, HPC, AI/ML

Korhan Göksu

Korhan Göksu


20+ Years HR Strategy & Management – Banking, Insurance, Telecomms, Customer Care


Walter Greenleaf, PhD

Walter Greenleaf, PhD

Neuroscientist, Virtual Reality, and Digital Health Expert | Stanford University

PHD, Doctor of Philosophy – Neuro and Biobehavioral Science –  Stanford University School of Medicine

• Digital Medicine

• Medical Virtual Reality Technology

• Medical Product Development

• Digital Health & Clinical Product Development Research

Prof. Dr. Albert 'Skip' Rizzo

Prof. Dr. Albert 'Skip' Rizzo

Research Director at USC Institute for Creative Technologies for Medical Virtual Reality | USC

PHD, Doctor of Philosophy – Clinical Psychology – Binghamton University

• Virtual Reality Systems Research

• Clinical assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation

• Research and work focusing on PTSD, TBI, Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and other clinical conditions.

Prof. Dr. Michael Matthews

Prof. Dr. Michael Matthews

Professor of Engineering Psychology | US Military Acdemy

Military Psychologist & Strategist 

Leading research centered on soldier performance in combat, military psychology, and human performance optimization


Prof. Dr. Kirk Erickson

Prof. Dr. Kirk Erickson

Neuroscience Senior Investigator | AdventHealth Research Institute Orlando, FL

DirectorTranslational Neuroscience Mardian J. Blair Endowed Chair 

Leading  fundamental discoveries relating exercise to brain growth and the preservation of cognition

Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert

Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert

Executive Head | Institute of Exercise Training and Sport Informatics - German Sport University Cologne

Scientific work focusing on movement science, sports psychology, and computer science in sports.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adil Deniz Duru

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adil Deniz Duru

Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching | Marmara University

PHD, Biomedical Engineering – Marmara University

• Signal and Image Processing

• Machine Learning and Neural Networks

• Functional and Structural Plasticity of Brain

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasemin Kisbu

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasemin Kisbu

Director of Independent Evaluation Laboratory | Koç University

PHD, Quantitative Research Methods – Department of Psychology –  Arizona State University

• Research Methodology

• Analysis Methods Development

• Physiological and Neural Responses of Human Body Human Subjects




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