Brain Health Measurement

We have developed a unique approach to cognitive assessments and interventions by incorporating the use of realistic 3D immersive virtual environments with biosensors and markerless motion analysis. Unlike the traditional methods of neuropsychological testing, which rely solely on 2D pen-and-paper tests or electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops, our tools offer a more realistic and ecologically valid experience, providing a more comprehensive evaluation and scoring of cognitive abilities.

Our virtual reality technology is designed to elicit genuine emotions and behaviors by activating the same neural pathways as real-life experiences, enabling contextually accurate reactions and responses. Our innovative method integrates and interlaces multi-dimensional competencies, providing a detailed evaluation of cognitive and physiological performance. This includes evaluating integrated complex behavior, motor function, the influence of contextual distractions, and responses to multiple stimuli.

As a leading Brain Health Technologies company, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions within our Brain Health vertical. This includes NORA VRx™, our clinically validated Digital Assessment Platform, and NORA DTx™, a Digital Cognitive Rehabilitation Platform.

While NORA VRx™ focuses on cognitive and psychomotor assessments,  NORA DTx™ complements it with non-invasive targeted rehabilitation programs. Together, these platforms offer precise insights and guidance, contributing to enhanced brain health and optimized cognitive performance. These platforms seamlessly integrate cognitive, emotional, physical, and metabolic factors for a comprehensive approach.


Cognitive Assessment Platform based on VR and Simulation Technology Enhanced with Biometrics


  • Non-invasive, neuroscience-backed and clinically validated technology to overcome the limitations of traditional neuropsychological assessments and tests, enabling precise actionable guidance
  • Alleviates the workload of physicians and neuropsychologists by providing an objective measurement and an automated reporting system
  • VR scenarios and environments draw inspiration from real-life activities and tasks to ensure the highest level of ecological validity

Areas of Use & Advantages

  • Monitoring and screening of various neurodegenerative diseases
  • Tracking drug and treatment effectiveness (pre- & post-assessments)
  • Detection of subtle cognitive changes and differences
  • Findings more compatible with individual’s daily life complaints
  • Routine annual cognitive monitoring of individuals 50 years and older to track cognitive changes
  • New possibilities for biomarker research with data collected from biosensors such as eye tracking/pupillometry, EEG, HR/HRV, and GSR Infrastructure that allow the creation of different forms to perform repetitive assessments
  • Easy adaptation to different languages through culture-independent stimuli and tasks


Cognitive Rehabilitation Platform based on VR and Simulation Technology


  • Aims to improve the most essential cognitive skills for daily living activities (Working Memory, Information Processing, Problem Solving, Planning, and Memory)
  • Can be applied without requiring external intervention
  • Crafted with the needs of both older and younger individuals in mind to enhance practicality
  • Ensures continued engagement of participants by providing positive feedback
  • The use of real-life scenarios increases the generalizability of the acquired skills

Areas of Use & Advantages

  • Can be used to improve cognitive skills in healthy individuals
  • Can be used to delay disease onset, slow the course of disease, and improve cognitive skills in patient groups with various neurological conditions
  • Can be used as a preventive intervention for individuals at risk of various neurological diseases
  • Based on a flexible structure to configure the duration and difficulty of the rehabilitation program


“...a pair of recent studies both concluded that 92 percent of people experiencing MCI in the United States are not getting diagnosed at an early stage, preventing them from accessing new Alzheimer’s treatments that may be able to slow cognitive decline if it’s caught soon enough.”


Almost 80% of the general public are concerned about developing dementia at some point and 1 in 4 people think that there is nothing we can do to prevent dementia


Almost 62% of healthcare practitioners worldwide incorrectly think that dementia is part of normal aging

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Our assessments will help you with;

Brain Health Optimization

Detection of Early Signs of Cognitive Decline

Prognosis Monitoring

Neuromuscular Evaluation of Fall Risk

Increased Motivation for Participation and Continuity of Patient and Elderly Population

Opportunities to Regain Physical & Emotional Confidence

Opportunities for Tailored Interventions

Rehabilitative Activities with Fun Experiences


Where do the assessments take place?

Depending on client requirements, assessments may be conducted at Neo Auvra Assessment Centers or on client premises. Our assessment hubs are portable; thus, they can be installed conveniently.

How many people can be assessed per day?

The number of assessments per day depends on the number of installed hubs and the content of the assessment package. It is determined by the clients based on their requirements.

How do you prevent human manipulations during the assessments?

The use of biomedical devices and the lack of a human assessor eradicates assessor bias, possible data manipulation, and any subjectivity that might arise from these factors. Devices and sensors that collect real-time biological data show authentic reactions and responses and correlate with our measurements.

How do you ensure data security and confidentiality?

All participants’ data is safely and anonymously secured in our private cloud in compliance with FDA guidelines. 

When will I receive my report?

The Machine Learning-based Automated Assessment Report is provided shortly after the assessment is completed. 

How do you ensure the validity of measurements?

We compare our products with gold standard measurements to prove their validity. The results of our studies are presented to international scientific boards. We pay attention to the homogeneity of our sample by giving importance to the diversity of the participants in order to show that the results are valid for different groups.

How do you maintain the hygiene of assessment equipments?

We use disposable towels and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to ensure sanitation. UV lamp containers are used to disinfect all the surfaces that come into contact with users.


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