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Experience the power of precision with our comprehensive health and performance assessments. Utilizing digital and immersive biotechnologies, we generate in-depth reports showcasing your strongest cognitive, socio-emotional, and physio-physical competencies.

Imagine tapping into all of your capabilities and leaping into your highest self.

At Neo Auvra, we are here to help you become the best version of yourself. Whether you are looking to optimize your sales performance, improve your decision-making skills, or boost your physical strength, our comprehensive assessments are here to reveal your standing, your strengths and areas of improvement. We realize that each of us are highly complex individuals with many different facets that make us who we are. As we navigate through a rapidly changing era, it is important to tap into our inter-disciplinary nature.


VR-based assessments provide the chance to create custom scenarios and tasks, yielding a realistic and immersive simulation of any given environment. Engaging and interactive, our assessments utilize wearable technologies to gather real-time biological data, which are crucial in analyzing an individual’s cognitive, socio-emotional and physical standing.

Virtual Reality

Hyper-realistic environments create a sense of immersion and presence, accurately representing or reflecting real-world environments and interactions. Moreover, VR promotes active learning, shining a light on the importance of neuroplasticity. 

Ecological Validity

VR-experiences simulate real-world environments, yielding realistic experiences. In contrast to traditional pen-and-paper assessments, the immersive nature of VR lends verisimilitude and veridicality.

Artificial Intelligence

We collect and effectively analyze vast amounts of complex data by using the latest technologies.

Authenticity & Accuracy

The lack of a human assessor eradicates assessor bias, any chance for data manipulation, or any subjectivity that might arise from these situations.. All processess are automatic.

Security & Quality Assurance

All participants’ data is safely and anonymously secured in our private cloud in compliance with FDA guidelines and ISO-27001 standards. All products are designed in accordance with ISO-62304 global standards.


Our assessments target different industries, from the corporate world to the athletic realm. Click to learn more and discover which assessment type best suits your needs.




A holistic & humane approach is what sets us apart.


We embrace a holistic approach to brain health, recognizing that the mind and body are interconnected and that physical and mental health are intertwined. Our assessments and exercises are designed to improve brain function and overall well-being, helping individuals reach their full potential.

I am very excited to serve as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at Neo Auvra. The systems developed by Neo Auvra will be crucial in supporting and facilitating the advancement of the next generation of healthcare products. The impact will be significant – Neo Auvra’s precision measurements of cognitive and emotional function will be utilized by the pharmaceutical industry to accelerate the design, development, and validation of prescription pharmaceutical treatments for various clinical conditions.

Similarly, the objective measurement of functional movement and psychomotor skills will facilitate the development of improved medical devices and therapeutic protocols for treating neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy. Neo Auvra’s objective measurements will also be used to improve physical rehabilitation after Injury or surgery and to improve motor skills, coordination, balance, and cognitive abilities to enhance performance in daily tasks.

Additionally, Neo Auvra systems will provide the insights and data necessary for advancing and refining clinical care paradigms to match an individual’s exact status and determine an optimal treatment plan.

Neo Auvra’s objective measurements of cognitive and emotional function play a pivotal role in understanding and assessing an individual’s overall well-being and mental health. Using sophisticated assessments to generate empirical data, Neo Auvra’s reports provide a quantitative and impartial assessment of an individual’s cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. This enables healthcare professionals to detect early signs of cognitive decline, identify potential neurocognitive disorders, and design tailored interventions to improve cognitive functioning. Similarly, objective measurements of emotional function allow for a more accurate evaluation of an individual’s emotional state, such as levels of anxiety, depression, or stress.

These measurements aid in diagnosis, treatment planning, and tracking therapeutic progress, helping healthcare providers offer personalized and evidence-based interventions. By incorporating objective measurements, we can foster a more comprehensive and reliable understanding of cognitive and emotional well-being, leading to improved outcomes in clinical healthcare.

Walter Greenleaf, Ph.D.

Neuroscientist, VR and Digital Health Expert | Stanford University

“Neo Auvra is impressive. They possess all the ingredients for success when it comes to comprehensive human performance assessment and prediction in the Extended Reality (XR) world. Many times people lose sight of the fact that the core properties that make up high quality XR systems, comes down to the basic elements of simulation technology. One could say that just as an aircraft simulator serves to test and train piloting ability under a range of systematically controllable stimulus conditions, advanced XR technology can similarly provide precise ways to test, train, teach, and treat all manner of human functioning, at any entry skill level. Neo Auvra is simulation technology on steroids! Not only do they have a rich history coming out the aviation simulation world where mission critical performance is not just hoped for, but demanded, they have a team in place that understands how to motivate, capture, and quantify human performance on complex cognitive and emotional levels. The integration of these domains with physical/ergonomic skills provides a 360 view of human performance functioning that opens a window into capability assessment that is unparalleled by other methodologies or commercial entities.”

Albert "Skip" Rizzo, Ph.D.

Research Director at USC Institute for Creative Technologies for Medical Virtual Reality | USC


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