Athletic & Sports Performance Optimization

Virtual Reality (VR) technology has gained significant traction in the sports industry, offering a controllable and engaging environment for cognitive assessment and training. In our solution, we leverage VR alongside cutting-edge biosensors, including eye-tracking technology, to comprehensively evaluate various cognitive functions critical for athletes, such as attention, working memory, problem-solving, and coordination.

This innovative approach not only enhances athlete performance but also reshapes talent scouting. Teams can now select players for their first teams and youth teams based on their cognitive skills, ensuring a holistic approach to player development. By utilizing our advanced technology, which combines VR and biosensors, we provide a versatile tool that addresses the cognitive training needs of athletes, contributing to improved performance. Our data-driven approach ensures precise feedback and tailored training programs.

Our assessments will help you swiftly implement;

Player Selection & Recruitment

Talent Scouting

Personalized & Precise Training

The interaction of cognitive functions with motor, psychomotor, and physical skills

Revealing the Athletic Brain

Correlation between specific cognitive functions and physical performance

Relationships between cognitive abilities and game intelligence

Empowering Professional Teams & Clubs


Where do the assessments take place?

Depending on client requirements, assessments may be conducted at Neo Auvra Assessment Centers or on client premises. Our assessment hubs are portable; thus, they can be installed conveniently.

How many people can be assessed per day?

The number of assessments per day depends on the number of installed hubs and the content of the assessment package. It is determined by the clients based on their requirements.

How do you prevent human manipulations during the assessments?

The use of biomedical devices and the lack of a human assessor eradicates assessor bias, possible data manipulation, and any subjectivity that might arise from these factors. Devices and sensors that collect real-time biological data show authentic reactions and responses and correlate with our measurements.

How do you ensure data security and confidentiality?

All participants’ data is safely and anonymously secured in our private cloud in compliance with FDA guidelines. 

When will I receive my report?

The Machine Learning-based Automated Assessment Report is provided shortly after the assessment is completed. 

How do you ensure the validity of measurements?

We compare our products with gold standard measurements to prove their validity. The results of our studies are presented to international scientific boards. We pay attention to the homogeneity of our sample by giving importance to the diversity of the participants in order to show that the results are valid for different groups.

How do you maintain the hygiene of assessment equipments?

We use disposable towels and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to ensure sanitation. UV lamp containers are used to disinfect all the surfaces that come into contact with users.


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